New Beer Lines, Taps and Cellar Equipment!

The Langham Club has undergone a full upgrade of cellar equipment, beer lines and taps across both bars! Our beers now pour and taste better than ever.

It is no secret that our old bar equipment had seen better days – days which perhaps occurred quite a few years ago! Our cellar equipment and beer “python” lines had not been replaced for some time and this had led to an increasing level of wastage and in some cases a lower quality pour, which was frustrating for staff and customers.

Additionally, we had a lot of redundant bar taps that weren’t optimised for the beer we serve, took up space and couldn’t be branded properly.

Finally, we were running two fully separate beer cellars, which was inefficient in terms of energy usage and stock rotation.

We are delighted to announce to our Members and Guests that this week we have fully upgraded our cellar equipment, beer lines and taps so that the above problems are hopefully a thing of the past!

In addition, we are now running both bars off the same cellar, which will mean a consistent experience for every drink and should also save the Club on its energy bills and stock costs.

We have also added Guinness to our top bar range and opened up an extra beer tap which will mean that we can consider expanding our draught beer range further in the New Year.

In the meantime, make sure to pop down to the Club to enjoy an even better-tasting pint of your favourite beer and don’t worry – we’re as cheap as always!

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