Beavertown Neck Oil

Beavertown Neck Oil At The Langham!

We’ve added a brand new draught beer to our line-up at the Langham. Say hello to Tottenham’s very own – Neck Oil, from Beavertown Brewery! Yours for £3.95 a pint…

A word from Beavertown Brewery themselves:

Neck Oil is our down-to-earth beer. The light and zingy taste of Neck Oil Session IPA is the perfect place to start your craft beer journey. We’ve created a perfect balance of hop flavours to deliver an extra special taste.

Believe it or not, Beavertown has some proper rock and roll credentials – the brewery was founded in 2011 by Logan Plant, the son of Robert Plant – the singer with Led Zeppelin!

We’re selling Beavertown Neck Oil for £3.95 and although that makes it our most expensive draught beer, we’re pretty sure you’ll not find it cheaper anywhere else! At a sensible 4.3%, it’s eminently drinkable too. Let us know what you think and spread the word!

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