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New Tills And Price Increases

From Monday 18th July we are introducing new touch screen tills with integrated card readers which will help us to serve everyone more efficiently. Unfortunately we are also slightly raising prices.

We last changed our prices back in May 2019 and as you can imagine, virtually all of the Club’s costs – including stock – have increased significantly since then. Although we have tried to shield our Members and Guests from the full impact of these cost increases, we now have no choice but to pass on some of these increases in order to maintain the Club’s financial security.

Our prices are still extremely cheap compared to the vast majority of other pubs and bars in London and we do hope that everyone who visits the Langham Club still feels that they are getting great value for money.

We thank all our Members and Guests for your continued support and we will continue to keep our prices as low as possible.

The Committee

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