Ever wondered about some of the stories behind the art and sculptures scattered around Harringay? Well wonder no more – thanks to community art project Speaking Stones!

Playwright Martin Malcolm and a group of local volunteers have created an interactive audio tour of more than two dozen landmarks of art and sculpture. Each bite-sized story is colourfully narrated and packed with historical trivia and character.

Speaking Stones was originally supposed to premiere with a drama performance at the Langham Club, where a lot of these stories would have been acted out. For obvious reasons the project will remain virtual for the time being, but Martin and the team still hope to celebrate with a live event at some point.

From Speaking Stones:

“Who are all those stone people, iron animals and painted magical beasts we see as we go about town?

Speaking Stones is giving them a voice!

Our first audio trail is for North London: Harringay and Beyond…

Go to our map to follow the trail and listen to what Harringay’s art has to say. You can also listen to the clips on our YouTube page.

For all our news, check out our Twitter stream @StonesSpeaking

Supported by The Mayor of London’s Culture Seeds”

Let’s hope we can celebrate with Martin and team before too long. In the meantime, enjoy the virtual tour!