This week, we are delighted to be hosting a fantastic run of site-specific theatre performances from local amateur arts group Persona Collective!


Persona Collective describe their show:

“The Candidate is the first and last piece of a perpetual cycle of unfolding events outside of a character’s control.

It is a surreal exploration of the family concept in an austere framing. Characters act as family members to fabricate a false reality that is ‘to be consumed as real’, where absurd circumstances are coupled with dark humour. 

Here, the strange pathologies of human behaviour are dissected to question the psychological implications of being part of a family. The characters find themselves falling down a symbolic rabbit hole, slowly losing control of events, and culminating in an intoxicated awakening that is a celebration of human affairs and rituals.

The story is a metaphor for a failed socio-political and financial system in which the role of the family is to prepare themselves to form part of an absurd and competitive system, with no way out. Each scene represents a collage of contemporary life mixed with myth, history and society.

The piece is set in various entertainment areas of an old working men’s club in North London. The absence of windows in the space and the 60’s decoration emphasises the fact that the action takes place deep underground and that the prevailing logic of time, space and atmosphere is questioned.

This is a site-specific theatre piece produced by Persona Collective, where community members and local professional artists have been collaborating for the past few months. The work has been developed through role-play, dance theatre, art installations and live music.”

‘The Candidate’ is running for four days from Wednesday 10th through to Saturday 13th April, with performances starting at 7:30pm each evening.

Learn more here.

Tickets have already sold out but Members may be able to get a sneak peak, so come on down and see what all the fuss is about!