New beer alert! For the first time in as long as most of us can remember, we have introduced a new beer on draught at the Langham. Please give a big welcome to our most premium lager on tap, Red Stripe!

Long associated with Jamaica, Red Stripe was actually first brewed in the early 1930s by the Galena Brewing Company in Galena, Illinois, USA. Following some financial troubles at the brewery, a group of British investors then brought the pale lager to Jamaica, thus beginning the brand’s famous association with the Caribbean island nation.

Nowadays, Red Stripe is a firm favourite with young, hip drinkers across the world – and is a staple tipple on the East London indie music scene.

Of course, most bars will be charging upwards of £5 even for a can of the stuff, but here at the Langham things are a bit different – a proper pint in a proper branded glass can be yours for just £3.30. Cheers!